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At first I (like many others) was very bothered that they would be tearing down a portion of Jeweler's Row, it is absolutely a historic part of the city that makes Philly what it is. Then I learned that these properties were never added to the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places...and it kind of just made me sad. We lag behind other cities with protecting our historic properties, I can't even get too angry at Toll Brothers on this one. They saw an opportunity and and pursued it.

I don't want to see the properties go, but I think the city screwed up here and the developer can't entirely be blamed. As far as the building goes, it's a big 'meh' from me. The ground level looks more like a converted warehouse to me than anything else, not terrible but it doesn't necessarily integrate seamlessly into the neighborhood. If they agreed to leave the facades I would be behind this 100%.
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