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Originally Posted by Innsertnamehere View Post
what about canada? they dont fit into any of these posts, and there are a couple of 300+m towers proposed.
Yup I will add it. I'll actually make a section for it right next to the U.S., so U.S. and Canada.

Originally Posted by King Kill 'em View Post
In LA right now we have the Wilshire Grand under construction which will be 1100 feet.
Yup will add it. Was just working on U.A.E.. I'll do U.S. section next.

Thread update 2:

1) Just finished U.A.E. section. Will add height/floors later on.
2) Also, for the first page (first post), what I will do is add links to segregate each individual post. So if one wants to look at just U.S.A. without scrolling, it will be a link to the individual post for easy access.

Appreciate the feedback and feel free to comment some more. It helps, as I admit, I forgot about Canada.
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