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Originally Posted by MoXXon View Post
I don’t know what you mean by “neighborhood aspect”, but I do feel that both Edmonton and Calgary are underrated for their urban landscape and cultural offerings.
With Calgary though, people tend to see the extent of downtown as the commercial core and overlook the Beltline, Eau Claire, and Chinatown ext. This is understandable as it’s the most prominent area in the city, but people should consider the surrounding area’s before making sweeping assumptions that Calgary has a dead downtown after 5pm.
Sorry, I wasn't very clear. I didn't mean that Edmonton generally has better neighbourhoods, but that Edmonton's downtown proper seems to be more geared to residents than Calgary's which is very much business dominated. Most of Edmonton's parking lots seem more likely to become residential and or mixed use, whereas most of Calgary's are already office towers, or at least the office towers dominate the residential much more significantly. This is only in the downtown proper area of each city. I'd actually give Calgary the edge on the neighbourhood level for now, Edmonton's westmount and AB ave may even the score in a few years though. I don't think Edmonton has a good answer to an area like Kensington yet. Oliver has tremendous potential given the density, valley access and jasper ave into dt, but Jasper ave through Oliver is a sad stroad that could really use some help.
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