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Originally Posted by Yegger View Post
Hah. I wish Calgary during stampede was indicative of the city at other times, but yeah...that's a pretty special case. One of the things that shocked me about Edmonton was actually the activity downtown off business hours. Edmonton can't compete with Calgary during a weekday, there just isn't the workforce flooding the core here. That being said, Edmonton has less of a massive business district thing going on and in my opinion suffers less from the 9-5 phenomenon. And yeah, I moved here in 2011 and both cities have gotten much better. Part of what I meant by the distinct evolution of the cities is that Calgary has been building a premier business district and the neighbourhood aspect is coming more now, but secondary. The residential and neighbourhood amenity aspect is more prominent in Edmonton where it's hard to compete with Calgary on the corporate level.

And yeah, many other cities get ignored too, I'm just most familiar with these two and the imbalance between them is significant
I don’t know what you mean by “neighborhood aspect”, but I do feel that both Edmonton and Calgary are underrated for their urban landscape and cultural offerings.
With Calgary though, people tend to see the extent of downtown as the commercial core and overlook the Beltline, Eau Claire, and Chinatown ext. This is understandable as it’s the most prominent area in the city, but people should consider the surrounding area’s before making sweeping assumptions that Calgary has a dead downtown after 5pm.
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