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BEIJING | CITIC Plaza/Z15 | 536 M | 1,759 FT | 118fl | U/C

Hospital the design of Beijing's tallest building "respect" project test pile to create the Beijing area single pile static load test of the maximum load recorded
"Respect" the project is located in Beijing CBD core area of ​​the Z15 block, the proposed height of about 536 meters, the tallest building of the Beijing area, the foundation depth of about 38m.
The hospital commissioned by the Beijing CITIC Industry Investment Co., Ltd., project test piles to determine the test Pile vertical compressive bearing capacity and bearing characteristics, and provide the basis for the design and construction of pile.
Test pile grouting bored pile bearing stratum for the gravel layer, the test pile diameter Φ1000mm pile design strength of concrete grade of C50, the effective length of pile 42.20m, construction of pile length 62.20m, single pile compression The ultimate bearing capacity of the standard value 36000kN. Test pile number 3, design programs isolation of double sleeve design pile top elevation with the existing natural ground segment soil contact in order to eliminate the pile side, the effective length of pile within the pile foundation.
December 8, 2011 to complete the test piles, and the end of December 2011 to January 18, 2012 between the test pile. March 1, 2012, began to pile test detection of static load test, March 22 end of the test content. The test load to not less than 40000kN, to create a single pile static load test of the Beijing area the maximum load recorded according to design requirements.

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