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gs-- Ultimately there were 20 houses on 24 lots, all with stories. Naturally the social history of Berkeley Square is rich along with the owners and their architecture-- Dr. McReynolds's brother, U.S. Supreme Court Justice (1914-1941) James McReynolds, visited #18 several times over the years--and the Times was full of party writeups. Mrs. Taylor (#11, featured in the first volume of Sam Watters's Houses of Los Angeles) seems to have bored herself to death giving endless teas and luncheons (I can't help but imagine a roomful of the stout society ladies often seen in The Three Stooges)--she shot herself at home in 1935. Then there was Reese Milner's arrest at home (#7) after a hit-and-run on the PCH, and H. Marquis Prince (#4, the old Phillips house) having been slapped with a paternity suit by his secretary before he sold to the flamboyant Sweet Daddy Grace in 1958. As for more on the street's architectural history, it seems that there is a good bit of information and pictures buried in boxes in various California university library basements, some of it available for in-person perusal, but I'm hoping that as resourceful as you are you'll find more on Berkeley Square to post here. I'm always looking too. Btw William Burke named it after the California university town, not the London square.
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