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Kiss Me Deadly noir

Mike Hammer helps out the kindly old Italian and gets some info in return:

They're on the 300 block of Bunker Hill Avenue. Check out the Edison blazing away in the night at the bottom of the Hill on 5th. And where does Hammer go snoopin' around in? The Castle, of course:

Mike Hammer throws a thug down the stairs at the backside of the Third St tunnel:

He goes to the Hillcrest, at the top of the Flight.

Speaking of the Flight -- one of the great shots of cinema history --

Now, according to this page, the Jalisco was on Sixth.

I'm not sold on that concept. Looking at the 600 block of both west and east 6th now, it doesn't seem likely. Though my desultory picking through the directories and such hasn't yielded where the Jalisco was...or the Bamba Club:

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