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Originally Posted by MLG Allstar View Post
I would really like to see this project move a little faster. It seems that they havent done anything since last year, exept make some minor design changes (not including the rest of the complex), and even considering the design changes in the rest of the complex, they should still be working on Freedom.
Nah, there's alot going on. They're working almost every day of the week now. Lots of concrete has been poured over the last week. The excavation of the tower is virtually complete. Steel is going up. They've started to pour concrete for the other bathtub's outside walls... the foundations for the memorial are ongoing. lots and lots happening!

Question 1: from the webcam it appears that there are columns for the east wall going up. Can anybody from NYC confirm?

Question 2: On the last 2 columns, they have attached something about midway up the columns. I can't make out what it is. Can anyone else?