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Originally Posted by LRTfan View Post
it's amazing to me to see how urban, mixed-use, high density neighbourhood design has taken shape all along the TO waterfront, Mississauga, Burlington (skipped Hamilton of course cuz 3-car garages and cul de sacs 1980's) and now onto Grimsby. I'm sure St Catharines will be next (while we keep building 1980's cul de sacs and 3-car garages) It really is fascinating to see how dramatic an effect city hall has on the success or stagnation of a city.
To be fair, Hamilton really doesn't have the same lakefront as any of those other places because of the industries. The geography of the harbour kinda cuts downtown off from the lake unlike any of the other cities around it. I'm sure Hamilton's rate of suburban sprawl is no worse than Toronto's.
"Above all, Hamilton must learn to think like a city, not a suburban hybrid where residents drive everywhere. What makes Hamilton interesting is the fact it's a city. The sprawl that surrounds it, which can be found all over North America, is running out of time."
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