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Update Anschutz Areal

O2 World
What will be one of Europe's most modern, multifunctional arenas is to be constructed in the heart of Berlin, between Ostbahnhof and Oberbaumbrücke. With up to 17,000 seats and standing rooms, 59 entertainment suites, conference and party suites, as from 2008 Berlin will have the looked-for opportunity to host international upscale sport an entertainment events. A 1,800 m² LED installation at the 20,000 m² glass facade will work as a huge screen and inform vistitors and passers-by in a unique way.

The central location, right in the middle of town, combined with excellent transport connections via ICE, regional trains and S-Bahn and U-Bahn trains, will make the O2 World well attractive for Berlin and outside visitors. As a result of the close proximity to the Spree River and the already existent urban quarters of Oberbaum City and Spreespeicher, the site at the Berlin Ostbahnhof presents an extremely attractive area for modern business from the music, service and media industries to locate.

Anschutz Areal at Ostbahnhof
Anschutz Entertainment Group
Detlef Kornett, Managing Director
Project management:
Kevin Murphy, Senior Vice President Development
Tel. +49 (30) 20 60 70 80,
Fax +49 (30) 20 60 70 810
Project description:
Development of an urban quarter around the core of the multi-functional used O2 World
Area of the former east goods station in Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Size of the area:
21 hectares
Gross floor space:
600.000 m²
General urbanistic target:
Development of an lively urban area between the traffic junctions Ostbahnhof and Warschauer Brücke as a meeting place of sports and recreation, economy and culture, work and housing - with the o2 World as an urbanistic core.
Urbanistic development and connection of the site at the former east goods station with the post area in the west, the area at the Warschauer Straße in the east and the Spreespeicher. Inclusion of the southerly located Mühlenstraße with East-Side-Gallery and Spreeuferpark under removal of the barriers between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.
Use: Entertainment, gastronomy, retail, offices, hotels and housing
Medien-Büro Berlin:
Schröder+Schömbs PR,
Project director: Melanie Sommer-Jöst,
Tel. 030 – 349 96 4 14, Fax 030 – 349 96 479

O2 World
Anschutz Entertainment Group
Represented by:
Detlef Kornett, Managing Director, Anschutz Entertainment Group
Tel. +49 (30) 20 60 70 80,
Fax +49 (30) 20 60 70 810
Project description:
Multi-functional hall for music, entertainment and sport events
At the former Ostgüterbahnhof (Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg)
Size of the area:
approx. 30,000 m²
Gross floor space:
58,000 m²
Arena Dimensions:
Lenght: 160 m; Width: 130 m; Height: 35 m
Capacity of seats:
up to 17,000 seats and standing rooms
59 entertainment suites, conference and party suites
600 seats
Urbanisation around O2 World:
Entertainment quarter, gastronomy, office buildings, hotels, retailers, apartment houses
Parking space:
Approx. 1,200 sites for the O2 World
Transportation connections:
ICE high-speed trains, regional trains and public transportation
150 million, private equity of the multi-functional hall by Anschutz Entertainment Group
Construction time:
24 months, opening 2008
Medien-Büro Berlin:
Schröder+Schömbs PR,
Project director: Melanie Sommer-Jöst,
Tel. 030 – 349 96 4 14, Fax 030 – 349 96 479

O2 World: Figures & Facts


* The opening is planned for the summer of 2008
* The costs for the Arena construction project will amount to EUR 150 million
* The construction period will presumably amount to 24 months


* Maximum capacity of up to 17,000 seats and standing room
* 59 entertainment suites
* Conference suites and party suites

Size and Technical Data

* Length: 160 m, width: 130 m, height: 35 m
* Gross cubic content: approximately 500,000 m³
* Total area of the site: 180,000 m²
* Total area of Arena: 60,000 m²
* Plaza areas: 12,000 m²
* Road and access facilities: 48,000 m²
* Maximum area vor events: 60m x 40m
* Ice hockey playing field: 60m x 30m

Technical Facilities

* The distributed ceiling load capacity amounts to 500kg/m² for the normal area and 750 - 1,000 kg/m² for the area housing mechanical facilities
* 4 truck accessways into the interior of the Arena
* Load applied to the roof
o From the steel roof above the stage: 67 tonnes (distributed)
o In front of the stage - from the main roof 67 tonnes (distributed), approximately 2/3 of the main roof

LED Façade

* Semi-circle glass façade (105 degrees), width: 120 m; height: 15 m
* 1,800 m² LED installation with 300,000 LED clusters

Concession Stands / Restaurants

* Restaurants (Premium Lounge, Dinner Club)
* 88 points of sale
* 2 stores

Locker Rooms / Dressing Rooms

* 6 locker rooms
* 4 star dressing rooms

Building Statistics

* The façade area of the Arena is approximately 20,000 m² in size
* The steel construction of the roof weighs approximately 1,770 tonnes
* The ice surface of the Arena covers 1,800 m²
* Approximately 35,000 m³ of concrete and approximately 7,000 tonnes of steel reinforcement are required for the body shell work of the Arena
* Approximately 1,500 tonnes of steel are required for the roof

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