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Originally Posted by The North One View Post
It doesn't look like it's based on any specific building, just seems like a made up tower they came up with.

I had no idea this was planned for the game. How could this even fit? It takes place in eastern Europe where none of these sort of towers exist. It could be they had the Palace of Culture and Science (which isn't art deco) in mind for this.

Looks like something straight out of Bioshock.
Sorry for the late answer, I didn't get a notification, then I forgot!

In the earliest stages of the game's development the game was set in a quasi North American setting, with just hints of an Eastern European style. At some point the game was to be a day longer than it eventually turned out and include an Arctic setting. Gordon and Alyx would then fly back to City 17 and crash into that skyscraper. This building was called Vertigo and, game development-wise, is the predecessor of Palace (so the one inspired by the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw).

Thank you guys for your answers.
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