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Trying to identify a skyscraper in a video game

Greetings skyscraper fans,

I was wondering if you could help my identify a skyscraper.

During the development of the 2004 video game Half-Life 2, an Art Deco skyscraper nicknamed "Vertigo" was created but eventually removed from the final game. The developer of the game, Valve, often uses real-world buildings as inspiration and so I was wondering if it was inspired, in part of fully, by an actual skyscraper. Valve is from Seattle so it could be from there, but it could also be from any part of the US (New York obviously comes to mind) or Europe.

In the few maps made by Valve and leaked the year before the game's release, the building has an atrium and a basin on one side and a terrace on the opposite side, in the lower levels. It also has a set of many elevators in the center, and a mechanical floor. The interior uses mostly marble, the exterior is mostly made of grey brick and concrete. Since it was never completed, it doesn't have many details.

I attached some screenshots of these prototype maps. Any suggestions are welcome!

Image credits: The following screenshots are original, I made them in maps recompiled by myself and viewed in a fixed version of Half-Life 2's old version titled LeakNet.

Overwall view of an earlier full building prototype, with the atrium spot on the right and the terrace on the bottom left. The playable version is at least half of this and has the top destroyed but mostly has the same shape.

Outside view around the atrium.

In the atrium.


View of the terrace.

View of some of the 6 elevators near the atrium.

Detail of an Art Deco sconce, marble and tiles.
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