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Originally Posted by plinko View Post
I have a project under construction right now that will eventually be a working ranch, with grapes, orchards, hay, cattle and possibly horses. Currently under construction are three really nice agricultural buildings (a workshop, a utility structure, and a huge barn) along with a 3.5 acre reservoir for frost protection (but also for recreation). At one point I designed a 4-module worker house and a 12,000SF main house for the site, but those won't be built. The owner ended up buying the property next door with a house already under construction. There will be worker housing later.

This project was a great deal of fun in that Ag buildings are a totally different typology than I usually work on and designing a lake (especially of that size) is a totally unique opportunity.

I can't wait until the landscaping is all in and the buildings are 100% completed. This site is just gorgeous.
Very nice, I like the smooth cut cedar. And it looks like you had very good carpenters on the job.
What feeds the lake? They do those here a lot, they are usually fed with groundwater runoff and or wells. Of course there is more water here.
Great job, I recently did my first barn. I'll post pix soon, my customer wanted a traditional red barn after driving through the mid west last summer....
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