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A couple of tidbits:

700,000 sq ft of offices and labs for the first tower confirms that the first tower being built is the "short" reddish hued building next to the Cira II site. That building looks to be slightly shorter than the Cira Center which is 29 floors, 730,000 sq ft and 428 feet tall. So we can expect something in the realm of 25-28 floors and about 375 feet. One reason for Cira's height is the embellished roof design which the proposed tower lacks, so it will likely be under 400 feet.

Regarding the building designs - I wouldn't read too much into them. They're just very fancy mock-ups. The only one that looks to resemble the finished product is the reskinning of the Bulletin Building, which is a huge improvement (though it's still a 4 measly floors). The tri-colored tall one, for example, is awful in my eyes but again, it's so early, I wouldn't even call it a preliminary design.

One thing however that I do like about the buildings is that, while they're all pretty different in design, all seem to incorporate clear and gold glass. I think that's a cool feature that helps tie all the otherwise different buildings together. I hope that the gold color scheme is kept, it's very different.
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