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Originally Posted by quashlo View Post
I'm curious what the big glass section cutting through the middle of each car is for?
Its a mirror - this is a mock-up, not an actual functioning train - as you can see from the exterior shots, the 'station' is actually a set. At present the mockup is outside London Euston station. This new S-Stock will be rolled out from 2010 onwards and will be fully articulated.

Prior to this exhibition for the S-Stock was an exhibition for the new Victoria Line fleet which will roll out at the beginning of next year. An image of a new Victoria Line train is below:

A diagram of a full length 8-car Victoria Line train (split in two to fit on the board)

Tube trains don't have different class sections (sub-surface or deep-level), but the majority of commuter, regional and intercity trains do. Standard class carriages tend to only differ in the size and space available per first class passenger, ie a larger comfier chair, and I can't think of a single case of a train operating in and around London with non-fabric chairs.

Features of many first class train carriages such as power points for laptops/mobiles, tables, have however made their way to standard.

As a treat, one of the Class 395 'Olympic Javelin' trains from Hitachi that have begun testing. These will operate out of London St Pancras to the Olympic Village and beyond before and after the Olympics to act as a high-end HSR express service from commuter settlements in Kent. When the nose cone is at operating stance, the train resembles the 400 Series Shinkansen.

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