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Originally Posted by easy as pie View Post
in a way, this project is a bummer because it's nuking precisely the sort of active street that the fidi is so hard-up for. pretty much everything south of fulton is a wasteland of road and tower.
I don't see why this tower would lead to a less active street. There will be significant retail in the building; no less than in the existing buildings.

The relative shortcomings of the Wall Street area don't really have anything to do with too much density or height. It's because of not enough residential or hotel to active after-hours (which this building will help remediate, IMO).

Originally Posted by easy as pie View Post
granted, i'm not keen on what this one with bring to the street in terms of retail and that, but assuming a garage ingress, this sort of tower project doesn't improve things.
But why assume a garage ingress? Parking hasn't been allowed as-of-right in Manhattan for 30 years. I would guess no parking in this building. Most of the newer towers in Manhattan have no parking.