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Judging Result of Stage Two


First Prize
 Tenderer:Manuel Alvarez Monteserin Lahoz Nationality: Spain
 Joint Tenderer:
 Javier Simo de Pedro, Andres Infantes Corrales, Antonio Jesus Corona Bosch Nationality: Spain
 HOY Architectects & Associates/Mark Ongg Nationality:R.O.C.

Second Prize
 Tenderer:Akihisa Hirata Nationality: Japan
 Joint Tenderer:Ricky Liu & Associates Architects+Planners/ Ricky Liu Nationality:R.O.C.

Third Prize
 Tenderer: Jeanne Gang Studio Gang Architects, Ltd Nationality: USA
 Joint Tenderer:J.J. Pan and Partners / J.J. Pan Nationality:R.O.C.

Honorable Mention
 Tenderer:Mack Scogin Nationality: USA
 Joint Tenderer:FEI & CHENG ASSOCIATES / Philip T. C. Fei Nationality:R.O.C.

Honorable Mention
 Tenderer:Yves BACHMANN Nationality: Switzerland
 Joint Tenderer:Charles C. Yen, Architect/Charles C. Yen Nationality:R.O.C.
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