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Originally Posted by Kanto View Post
I only wanted to learn here if it is possible or not. That's all. I think that is a wise move to make before starting the petition. Please tell me your reasons why you think it is not possible.
Please tell me your reasons why you think it is possible?

Why should we have to debunk every one of your ideas? I went to architecture school and never once was I able to tell my professor to tell me why something isn't possible, I constantly had to prove why it could be possible.

But the biggest reason why it is not possible, is who is going to build it? Buildings are not free and someone has to pay for it and someone has to lease the space, if those two factors are missing then the building is not going to happen.

Portland currently has a hole in the ground in the middle of downtown that should of been a tower that should of been completed by now, but instead it is just a hole. I would love to see that tower under construction again, but no amount of wishing is going to make that happen until someone wishes to lease enough space in the building to get the developer to be able to take out a loan to cover the cost of it....this same theory applies to the WTC...until you can prove to me that someone is going to lease that space to afford the developer to get the loan for it, it's not going to happen.

Besides you shouldn't be looking to an online forum to see if your idea (that is nothing more than a cut and paste job, not trying to insult, just pointing out an obvious fact), you should be looking to actual education in learning how buildings stand, how projects like these actually get built, the amount of people that are actually involved in them. There is no such thing as one people involved with a project this size, it requires teams of people making decisions.