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^ Good compiling as usual, Bris. Could you get any data about the Lille metro area? I'm curious because of course, some - namely local baroness Mrs Aubry and her followers - call Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy "poor" at the suggestion to merge them, whereas it's apparently a pretty good idea. Even locals would find it relevant, I heard. It's seemingly much better than a Champagne + Picardy oddity anyway, and would be perfect if Picardy could split in the process so that the Oise département joins us in the Paris region. I saw Minato was a loud backer of that more accurate territorial reshaping too. I agree, that would be the most convenient (and quite possibly a good deal for us in Paris ) since Beauvais's growing international airport mainly serves metro Paris.

Oh, for those on here who wouldn't know, the northernmost areas of France are just like Wallonia in neighboring Belgium, still struggling from the loss of old mining and various heavy industries, thus supposedly somewhat slower than other regions in France indeed. That's also supposed to be only transitional, however. And BTW, it'd be good for everyone if it didn't take forever for them to move on...
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