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Originally Posted by Luis Nunez View Post
Traffic has continued being a big problem though!
I don't know how the city works on a daily basis, but this is likely to be the case.
I do know that locals aware of efficient transit policies sometimes complain about overcrowded trams. That's the problem with these light rail systems. They are cute and all, but capacity is rather limited, so a lot of commuters have to rely on older bus lines or cars on rush hours.

However, local weather is mild and I think cycling is a pleasant and healthy alternative that could be developed way further over the city.
Their current mayor is a controversial leftist Green, like the guy is kind of awkward. But at least, he could develop some awesome cycling tracks over the town if he was true to his Green faith.
I know the city only as an occasional tourist. But I can guaranty cycling this town would be very pleasant.
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