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Croatian property and development firm IGH plans to build two office towers in Zagreb's.

82.534sqm project will dominate Zagreb's eastern business district, towers will be 174 and 161m tall with 48 and 38 floors respectively. Additional 37000sqm underground garage is to be build as part of the project which is set to cost in region of 120 million euros.

Entire project is scheduled to be completed before the end of 2012

Another massive project is a 207m Millennium Tower or Zagreb Gate tower,
Croatian property firm Company Fonem Nekretnine, plans to build 207m Mix use office/hotel tower.

(ANSAmed) - ZAGREB, JULY 1 - The highest skyscraper in Croatia, and one of the highest in Europe, will be built in Zagreb, local property company Fonem Nekretnine, which operates in collaboration with international group Collins International (banking/construction investment), has said. The project Zagreb Gate envisages the construction of a 50-floor skyscraper in the western part of Zagreb, the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE) reported. The building will include a hotel, a wellness centre, offices, conference hall, health centre and a helicopter platform. The total worth of the investment stands at 100 million euro. The Association of Croatian Architects will call an international tender for the design of the new skyscraper. The beginning of the construction works is scheduled for 2009. (ANSAmed).
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