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Originally Posted by stanford View Post
once the nangang exhibition hall is open.. i heard they are moving computex to the nangang area from TWTC.. are they moving the entire event or just holding it in 2 venues?
yes, they will move computex to nangang next year as well as the other top 3 conventions at twtc.

i've seen differing statistics about nangang. some sources say it's "double" the size of twtc, some say it's only 1/3 bigger. the number of booths at nangang is only slightly more than twtc. the twtc consists of 4 buildings including a hotel, so i dont see how this nangang exhibition hall is "double" the size of twtc, unless they're just comparing it to the twtc exhibition hall.

then in taipei times last year it reported that the new nangang hall is still smaller than other exhibition halls in other cities like shangai, singapore, etc. taiwanese officials apparently didnt want to "overbuild" capacity, but i think that's short-term thinking, imo. look how the twtc has outgrown its capacity. now they have to build another one miles away which makes it inconvenient to travel between the two convention centers, even if they will be connected by mrt.

looking at pics of the xinyi area, just seems like there's still alot of unused empty land parcels/parking lots laying around. in addition, they've been building all those malls, department stores and low-rise buildings which i think is a waste of real estate. and there's all those old, small, crappy buildings surrounding xinyi. why couldnt they just consolidate all that land, parking lots, knock down some of those those old, crappy, concrete buildings that are just eyesores not to mention worthless culturally and architecturally, hire a foreign architect like cesar pelli, antonio callatravas, skidmore owings, etc. and build a super sleek, world-class convention center complex? other cities like shanghai, seoul, etc. are totally knocking down buildings and rebuilding their cities virtually overnight. taiwan really needs some long term, grand thinking and world-class architecture.

just my two cents.

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