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Program Area Ostkreuz

The Urban II location in Berlin is a 425 ha area around Ostkreuz. It is situated about 5 km south of the city centre, and comprises parts of the districts of Lichtenberg and Friedrichshain. The Urban II area consists of four neighbourhoods which are structurally very different from each other. The Lichtenberg side contains the large housing estate Frankfurter Allee-Süd, the original Victoriastadt and the area around Weitlingstraße with its mix of pre- and post-first-world-war tenement flats. On the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg side is the predominantly original nineteenth century residential area Stralauer Kiez, including the listed Industrial Works in Oberbaumcity, which is now an extensively renovated location for service industries.

Like a hinge between the districts lies Ostkreuz station, which is served by city and Ringbahn trains. Railways, which cut across the locality in all directions, take up almost a quarter of the total land area. These, together with the heavily used minor roads which surround the area, make the individual neighbourhoods into isolated islands.
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