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Potential for Addis Ababa to Become a Global City

Do you think that Addis Ababa, Ethiopia will become a global city like Dubai has become in the past 20 years. Dubai has built the world's tallest building, become a major tourist destination, a major financial capital for the Middle East, and a major airline hub for Emirates. Since Addis Ababa is poised to become a major hub for Ethiopian Airlines once COVID-19 is done, do you think Addis Ababa will become a major financial hub and tourist destination for East Africa. I feel that an architectural landmark or more than one that would become world famous should be built. Examples could include an observation tower, observation wheel along the lines of the London Eye, or a world class museum. A heavy rail subway system for use as public transportation should also be built to complement the light rail. Along with this, business friendly tax policies should be put in place.
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