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Very good pics, pwright1. Something about your photo essays always manage to hit the mark.....where you capture angles of a place that makes the viewer feel like they're right there.

ChrisLA & sopasej, based on his recent posting of pasadena, are other LA forumers who also have the ability to do it just right.

I've seen other ppl take so many shots of bldgs from a distance or looking straight up, or images of food or ppl, or someone walking with their pet dog down the street, that they could be Anywhere USA

This thread & sopas one.....

are to me companion pieces of the LA area....they show two different aspects of socal, separated by not too many miles. But both riffing off the other.

At least more recently....a visitor of a midwest college who visited the rose bowl on Jan 1 a few yrs ago said ppl in the past had to bypass dtla & stay either in Pasadena, west la or some other more burban areas because dtla wasn't in good shape. It's taken yrs for dt to get fixed have other dts throughout the country....but better late than never.
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