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Toronto’s roads are generally terrible, but the suburban and especially provincial roads are pristine. The 400 series highways are as smooth as a baby’s bottom.. just don’t take an exit, especially in the old city.

I find it’s generally getting better over time though. I think as reconstruction projects slowly occur for the full roadbed, roads are brought up to standard and last a lot longer. Older parts of the city often still have the original cobblestone and streetcar tracks under it though, which causes all kinds of problems.

Then you have streets like Adelaide with Abandoned streetcar tracks that haven’t been used in 60 years yet for some reason haven’t even been covered up.. you result with entire stretches of track heaving up and creating “mega bumps” when they end.. very hazardous, especially for cyclists.. they are large enough to throw you off your bike if you aren’t careful.

Montreal comparatively is in another world though. There it’s the roads, sidewalks, freeways, suburban roads, everything. Gravel parking lots even in commercial lots are common, the roads are *always* torn up, under construction, or falling apart, the signal system setups make little sense and aren’t particularly clear (and often don’t even have pedestrian walk signals), the freeways are bumpy, substandard, and over congested, etc. I don’t know if it’s a climate or cultural thing, but Ottawa has a similar climate and seems to do at least a bit better..
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