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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
I'm not responding to the kneejerk Whataboutisms. The fact is that, policywise, the Republican party is the polar opposite of the party prior to Trump, and there is no reason for this switch except Trump. This hasn't happened in either party, ever. There has never been an policy inversion based on a personality cult.

That's already happened. Wealthy suburban America turned blue, entirely due to Trump. No, they don't want higher taxes, but they don't want their kids dead or country destroyed either. There are worse fears than higher taxes.

Also, as I'm sure you're aware, the tax cuts were only for the extreme wealthy, and had nothing to do with Trump. Regular upper middle class suburbanites had little or no reduction in taxes, and few will trade democracy or their kids future for a few hundred less in annual taxes.
You obviously aren't neutral in this conversation with "but they don't want their kids dead or country destroyed." I could dispute this claim to show that democrat ran cities are the most dangerous(and you would come back saying the South is the most dangerous) yadda yadda but to claim voting Republican means you are putting your kids in danger, is so partisan I have nothing to say.