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Originally Posted by jtown,man View Post
Again, very narrow thinking. That "dystopian personality cult" will probably end in less than two years.
You think the party will just "forget" these four nightmare years, and go back to the part of Reagan? Seriously? After going all-in and demonizing any dissent? Mexicans are rapists, Europe is evil, Putin is our friend and the media are the enemy of the people? All that is forgotten and it's back to free trade, bilateralism and tax cuts?

There has been a huge inversion in the Republican base, from educated suburban whites to older, poorer and rural whites. You can't go back. The country club crowd is gone, and it would be crazy to abandon your new base.

Originally Posted by jtown,man View Post
You never heard the Republican party was going to die a slow death after Obama got elected? Hmmmm
Nope. Never heard such a thing. The Republicans actually had huge electoral gains under Obama. Obama's opponents were anti-Trump Republican centrists (McCain and Romney).