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Originally Posted by lubicon View Post
too bad the article (as always) does not really say why other than by providing some generalities that don't mean much. How much of a factor does taxes, wages, and actual housing prices actually play? Is 100 Mile House unaffordable because houses are expensive? Or there are few high paying jobs? Or the town taxes the crap out of housing units?
Those are good questions that are not mentioned in the article. I am not sure what the taxes rate is in the town of 100 Mile House, At our cabin which is well outside the city boundaries we only pay taxes to the regional district and they are quite low, but of course we get only the most basic of services out at the lake compared to town. But based on what I've seen out there, it's probably a combination of lower wages (The area's primary industry is forestry) higher housing costs (Prices for an average single family house in town are almost as high as they are in Edmonton) Lack of supply (They build a ton of new houses on large acreage lots outside town but very few houses in town) Which I think drives prices up. There's also a pretty large snowbird population up there which drives prices up.

A local doctor went through the process of building a 4plex last year because he had significant difficulty attracting professional staff to town. The rentals in town are not very good, and while once again there is an abundance of properties outside the city, there are few options for people who want to live in town, making in town properties a bit of a premium when really they shouldn't be. Residents fought the development because they did not want the 4plex but the town approved it anyways.
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