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Originally Posted by eschaton View Post
That's pretty clearly the "Chateau Landing" project which was first announced back in May 2016. It's supposed to be a Millcraft project, cost roughly $750 million, and include 850 units of housing.

I'm not sure if they ever secured the arrangement with the URA they needed to move the project forward. There has been no news at all about it this year.
There were some notes on it in this September 19 article about possible Amazon HQ sites:

Another potential site emerged Monday — 15 acres of riverfront industrial property on the North Side near Rivers Casino targeted for redevelopment by Millcraft Investments. . . .

Washington County-based Millcraft Invesments has been working with two other developers to convert the former J. Allan Steel property, the Eles Concrete Facility, and other parcels on the North Side into a mixed-use project that could involve retail, restaurants, a large marina, a hotel, offices and an entertainment district. The Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority, which owns the J. Allan Steel site and another parcel, has entered into negotiations with Millcraft for the sale of the land on Beaver Avenue in Chateau.

Millcraft president Lucas Piatt said Monday he had spoken to city and county officials about the properties regarding Amazon and is putting together a presentation. Mr. Fitzgerald said it could be a candidate. The redevelopment, called Esplanade, could house several million square feet of office space, Mr. Piatt said. Millcraft also sees the potential for an extension of the light rail transit system to the property, which is just west of the casino.

Apparently the new name is Esplanade, which led me to this article as well (from the next day):

With Chateau sitting on valuable riverfront property, development companies have taken an interest. One such company is the Pittsburgh based Millcraft Industries, which is currently working on a 15-acre project called ‘Esplanade,’ which means “a promenade over water.” Esplanade plans to transform the Chateau neighborhood into a mixed residential and business district.

“This project will include a wide mix of apartments, condos, and workforce housing opportunities along with a full-service hotel, community-oriented retail and service businesses, entertainment and restaurants,” said Millcraft president and COO, Lucas Piatt. The project is also expected to improve and expand upon current walking and biking trails, public transportation, and roads in Chateau.
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