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The city has posted two more zoning board hearings schedules - the last two for the year - one for 11/30, and one for 12/14. As is usually the case, these are mostly small projects. Some of interest - all from the 11/30 agenda - the 12/14 has nothing of note.

1. The Matthews International building reskin (which went before the Planning Commission earlier in the year) is now going before the zoning board.

2. A new three-story community home on Grove Street in the Middle Hill. It's a nice location, pretty close to existing amenities on Centre Avenue like the YMCA, Carnegie Library, and Zone 2 police station.

3. Two infill townhouses on Hatfield Street in Central Lawrenceville. I used to about a five minute walk from this location - it's shocking how rapidly every vacant lot is now being filled in.

4. A new seven-story mixed-use building with attached parking in the Strip District. It will be constructed here, at the corner of Smallman and 21st, immediately adjacent to St. Stanislaus Church. It's a Desmone project, so I'm pessimistic about how the design will turn out. No information about unit count, but IIRC there were no residential plans for this site - just ground-floor retail and office space above, so that would make sense.

The final planning commission presentation of the year should go up this Friday (or maybe late Thursday). We're done with HRC presentations until February, so we'll be entering the slow season when it comes to official reports.

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