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Originally Posted by dktshb View Post
On a broader spectrum the 3 cities are more similar than different when it comes the top policies that are determinative of liberal v. conservative, I suppose. I however cannot imagine someone like Rudy Giuliani could ever be mayor of Los Angeles.
Oh, he definitely could have been mayor. LA had Richard Riordan, who was at least as conservative as Giuliani.

Keep in mind that 1994-era Giuliani has nothing to do with 2017-era Giuliani. As mayor he declared NYC a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants, endorsed ultra-liberal Mario Cuomo for governor, campaigned for gay rights (even went in drag at an event), expanded rent control, supported universal health care, was almost militant pro-choice (including huge expansion of public funding for abortions, and supported late-term abortions), was against the death penalty and ran on the Liberal ticket as well as the Republican ticket.

He was a lifelong liberal (was big Kennedy/McGovern/Carter supporter), then went nominally Republican, then completely lost his mind. Now he's basically to the right of Atilla the Hun. It's been an utterly bizarre transformation.
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