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Originally Posted by someone123 View Post
That looks pretty nice but I think this area should probably be a heritage district already. If you look closely at the beige vinyl siding apartment buildings you'll see that they're quite old. They may have masonry construction on the upper floors and even if not they could look incredible if they were renovated in a way similar to a bunch of Hal Forbes projects.

Meanwhile this project or something similar could be built in many other locations with inferior buildings or no buildings.
Yeah, it's a good proposal but it's a terrible location for it. The building there now, properly restored, would be a beautiful period-appropriate complement to the city's second conservation district, and one of the most unique and interesting heritage districts in the country. Instead, it's just the usual flatten-and-rebuild. This is very nice, but you could build it anywhere. There aren't many mid 19th-century Italianate urban buildings in the city, or in Canada.

Dexel builds decent stuff, but the company's creativity in integrating old and new is totally inadequate to a city like this.
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