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Originally Posted by kingchef View Post
memphis proper is at around 709,000. metro memphis has always experienced medium growth, until approximately the last year and a half. shelby county is now the only tn county to surpass the 1 million mark, and it has a significantly fast growing downtown and midtown, not to speak of east memphis, the east suburbs, and certainly the south metro, which contains one of the top 25 fastest growing counties in the u.s., as well as the fastest growing suburb in the u.s. another top 100 fastest growing county is located east of memphis, in fayette county, #74 2 years ago. memphis' contigious growth area alone has an estimated 1.18 million over two years ago. that is an area of about 32 miles. the number leaves all of w. memphis and marion, which are directly across the river, all of tipton county, even though atoka and munford are currently building a massive housing development, which will connect millington. the new interstate and the 2nd outer beltway are already producing huge changes in business growth, private community developments, and feeder roads. much is going on, and new industry and manfacturing, biotechnology companies, etc. are steadily building throughout the city and metro. current shelby county pop projections, as of july 1. '12. 1,034,633. the b M is doing well.

Would def like to see some of your growth balance out in places like De Soto County and West Memphis. Coming from the Arkansas side, you don't even realize you're close to Memphis till you're practically on the bridge... For Memphis to be such a large core/city proper, it seems like its metro pop is rather small.
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