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Originally Posted by spaustin View Post
Telling people that economics and planning are the problem is tough and complicated. Telling them its the Trust is at fault is easy, especially when the Trust is so vocal in the media and have chosen some pretty poor battles to fight (trying to block development on vacant lots because it's next to a heritage building isn't a great strategy!). It's no wonder they've become a favourite target. It's unfortunate because, as a result, we're now in a place where heritage is seen as a detriment to development and old Halifax is getting knocked down at an alarming rate. Pity.
This is basically exactly my thinking on the issue. You can hear the "oh, knock down those useless eyesores" talk in any city, but it does seem more pronounced here, which is a bit dismaying because there's a sort of desperation to prove we're a with-it city, and seemingly more willingness to allow or even encourage demolition if it brings about something--anything--new and modern.

I don't think it would take much to get the "heritage-holds-us-back" cabal to quiet down, though, if another group came along to replace HT and become defenders of heritage and advocates for (good) development. These issues get enough press in the city that I think it'd have a serious effect on public attitudes toward conservation and restoration.
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