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Originally Posted by JET View Post
Ziobrop read the newsletter, I've read their newsletters, maybe you read the newsletter; sounds like it might not be such a tiny circle of like minded people that are reading the HT newsletter, and as Ziobrop said 'Heritage needs to be debated. Issues need to be made public'. Maybe HT is not failing in this
I/We read the newsletter because we are interested. The majority of Halifax residents don't read it, and are less interested - but probably care that "that nice old building is going to be demolished leaving an ugly empty lot downtown" HTNS is too academic. heritage needs broad public support, and you cant do that effectively without mass appeal.

i have been quite critical of HTNS. the thing is I want them to be successful, i want them to be the advocate for heritage, and to be trusted, and helpful. sadly we only hear from them once a building comes down, or when they fight over non-existant viewplanes - and rather then foster heritage preservation, color the movement as nimby heritage extremists - which hurts us all.
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