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Originally Posted by LMich View Post
Matthew, a really kind of general question, will Raleigh-Durham be the only other metro area outside of Charlotte to run a light rail? I haven't followed North Carolina very closely when it comes to transit.
Like Matthew said, Winston-Salem is focusing on streetcar right now. The light rail plan approved right now will connect Chapel Hill and Durham. Voters approved tax funded for the line in Orange and Durham counties. Wake county (Raleigh) has put off light rail for a while right now, though there is a new Union Station planned and partially funded that will serve as the station for Amtrak, light rail, and commuter rail. I could see the planned commuter rail line being put in place between Durham and Raleigh before Raleigh gets light rail, but that's just my guess.

If you don't know, Charlotte has started construction on their second light rail line (really a continuation of the first line to the other side of the city) as well as the first phase of their streetcar line. Their commuter rail line was supposed to be next but the county north of Charlotte balked at funding so the light rail extension is going ahead.
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