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I thought about doing that for both Raleigh and Charlotte, until I realized... they do have different designs. I originally used Atlanta's to make the model of Raleigh's, only to discover the crown was different. There are at least four different crowns used in the designs. It's more if you count roof color, which I've seen vary from green to blue. Raleigh's is the only one I've seen with it's crown design? The base is also different. I've seen at least three or four different base designs. I've also seen these buildings in two or three different heights, along with slightly different colors. I make these as 3D models, creating a model of the city's skyline, which is fun to play with. There are some missing buildings and renovated buildings that do need updated diagrams too. It took weeks to complete SkyHouse and that is the problem with 3D models. That and high polygon counts. I have uploaded it and it's pending right now. It could be in the diagrams later today?
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