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Some Durham news:

5 floor Church+Main building has broken ground. Residential with 2,700 square feet of retail or office space on the ground floor. Located at 130 East Main in Durham, a previously vacant lot.

Glad to see this project is moving forward:

Durham officials negotiating plans for 26-story tower downtown

Durham city and county officials have agreed to enter into negotiations for renovation of the downtown Jack Tar Motel and construction of a 26-story building across the street.

Each government has agreed to invest $4 million in the project at the corner of North Corcoran and West Parrish streets, according to the Durham Herald-Sun.

The project is likely to include 100,000 square feet of office space “as well as over 100 units of apartments,” according to Kevin Dick, director of the City of Durham's Office of Economic and Workforce Development.

Durham officials approve plan for affordable housing along transit line

Durham city and county officials voted Tuesday on a plan to require at least 15 percent of housing between each transit stop in Durham County along the new Durham-Orange transit line to be affordable housing.

With federal OK, Triangle Transit starts planning Durham-Orange light rail

A first-step approval issued Tuesday by the Federal Transit Administration means that Triangle Transit can get rolling on plans for a 17-mile light-rail line to connect UNC-Chapel Hill and East Durham.

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