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I would actually be mildly surprised if AS/QX didn't eventually jump on BOI-RNO. It's a route with a considerable amount of traffic, but right now not enough to fill 2 737s. 2 daily Q400s would be perfect for that market, in my opinion.

Here's something interesting I found today. Anyone know more about this?

Closely studying the rendering, it appears this is in the location of what eventually will be Concourse A (and I recall reading in a recent airport commission meeting minutes that the future Concourse A would have a customs and border facility directly under the concourse, which the rendering makes sense). It also says "Planning for a future ramp and jet bridge, passenger concourse and an aircraft parking apron were also included." Could this be the very first peak as to what the architecture of Concourse A will look like?

The thing I'm not sure about is how concrete this is, whether this is anything official or just a study.

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