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Greenbelt news.

Sounds like the Garden City mayor has lustful desires towards Eagle's mayor lol.

Garden City Mayor to Eagle Mayor: Screw You!
Posted by Andrew Crisp on Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 9:20 AM

The ongoing battle over bicycle access to a stretch of the Greenbelt in Garden City continues.

In response to an Oct. 25 letter from Eagle Mayor Jim Reynolds, neighboring Garden City pooh-poohed efforts to bring the two together for talks. The issue? A mile and a half of Greenbelt barred to cyclists that supporters call a nature path. Critics like the Citizens for an Open Greenbelt call it discriminatory.

Evans and the Garden City City Council responded to Reynolds on Nov. 16, stating that they "have no interest in discussing a change in the status of our Nature Path." Furthermore, they say that allowing bicycle use on that portion of riverside property would "have a direct and adverse impact on Garden City, Eagle, Boise, Ada County and Canyon County residents that regularly use the path for their recreation purposes."

The letter (read the full text here) instead asks that Eagle send a little money their way:

"Our pathway-related resources continue to be focused on a north/south pedestrian/bicycle bridge immediately upstream of the river split at Eagle Island. ... We would welcome your support for that project both in the form of a resolution and a financial commitment on your part."

After a preliminary hearing on Dec. 15, COG and Garden City head to Ada County court on Feb. 15.
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