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BOI isn't losing 6 routes. It is losing 3 routes, and only one of those (RNO) has enough passengers to qualify as a Top 20 BOI market. LAX (UA), SLC (DL) & SEA (AS) will continue to be served by other carriers. WN is ending service to RNO, SLC & SEA because of a lack of consistent customer demand on routes it has served for 15-years. Those decisions aren't made lightly, and it is an indication the BOI market continues to suffer from sluggish demand for air travel. If there were more travelers, I suspect these WN routes would not be going away. The local economy is to blame.

As for SeaPort, I commend them for trying the route at all. Fuel costs are incredibly steep right now, and the airline only has 9-seats to cover its operating costs. While some may think the fares it was charging were too high, that's not necessarily so for business travelers, which is who the flights were meant to appeal to. The true cost of a 4-5 hour drive each way plus lodging, gas, meals, etc. is what the fare is aligning next to. And, it became possible to conduct business in one day, flying over in the morning and back in the evening. At some point, there will be another carrier flying the route, or SeaPort may return.

The "GOOD NEWS" would be for the price of oil to retreat along with putting a solid dent in the local unemployment rate. Those two things would result in more flights and more demand for those flights. One or the other would trigger growth, but both would lead to even more. Let's see what 2012 has in store for BOI.
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