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Originally Posted by isangpogi View Post
More bad news for BOI. SeaPort is pulling its BOI-IDA service. I never thought this was going to last long, $350 round trips were ridiculous for this route. I'm assuming this is also going to mean the end of Boise-Pendleton.

So to start off 2012, we will be losing 6 routes. Southwest is ending BOI-SEA, BOI-SLC and BOI-RNO. American is pulling out entirely, taking with it BOI-LAX. And now SeaPort's 2... We desperately need some good news here!
Seat wise American Eagle and SeaPort aren't a big deal...maybe a 100 seats per day together. The Southwest cuts are a big deal.

As far as LA service goes, I think because so many people in the Boise Area are from SoCal, LAX is not always used because anyone from down here knows to avoid it. Many people rather connect somewhere than take a non-stop and deal with the drive, parking, lines, confusion and rude employees. If the LA Area had only one airport, there would probably be several flights a day from Boise. United still has their twice daily service to LAX. There are plenty of connections from virtually every SoCal airport to Boise.
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