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Originally Posted by Calgarian View Post
I like those because they use actual eggs, not that simulated shit Tims has.
I didn't know Tim's did this. Robin's has for a while. What they use is an egg product that is packed into a chub (like a giant sausage of scrambled egg wrapped in plastic); they can cut off perfect round slices and re-animate it in the microwave. Somehow this is cheaper and easier than putting the egg into the metal loop thing.

Another reason to stay the fuck away from eggs.

Originally Posted by MolsonExport View Post
I am currently 0/15. (sounds a bit like the Marble Loafs' record)
I'm sorry, but complaining about Tim Hortons while still buying their product is like complaining about Walmart's corporate ethics while shopping there. If you hate it so much, why do you still go there?

And didn't this start just last week? You're buying two coffees a day from them? What the hell? You're like an abused woman sticking up for her violent boyfriend. Should we hold an intervention for you?
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