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Originally Posted by someone123 View Post
I agree that it is a great site. My main concern is that they come up with something suitable to the location instead of simply handing it over to HPL so they can make lots of parking spots for themselves or whatever. When bureaucrats isolated from real costs make decisions the results are usually bad (e.g. former Eaton's building on Barrington).

The best development would be mixed use. There could be a serious residential and retail component. The 7,000 square foot newsstand comment makes it sound like the thinking going into this is kind of limited, as usual.
Yeah, I saw that and was troubled by it. Reminds me of the thing at the transit terminal at Halifax Shopping Center annex or whatever it's called -- actually not bad architecture, but nothing particularly useful inside. Same with the ferry terminals. The corner of SGR and Queen is potentially the best retail site in town and it runs the risk of being totally ignored. I know that the NSLC was at the charette sessions on this site last year and expressed interest in that corner for a flagship store. I'm sure other retailers would feel the same way.

I'd hate to see Judith Hare being given a free ticket to get whatever she thinks she wants for that site without some other considerations being taken into account.
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