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Originally Posted by brian.odonnell20 View Post
Does this have anything to do with making room for a new twin freedom tower?
Ding ding ding, we have a winner!

Originally Posted by Kanto View Post
I still don't think that all about this issue has been said. There are still open possibilities. The last debate on this subject has shown that the people are divided into 2 groups. One sees the pools as the memorial, the other one sees the Freedom Tower and it's potential twin as a memorial. This plan of mine tries to satisfy both groups.

In order to make space for a twin I have made plans which show a small rerouting of streets. This way there can be twins without the North Pool going down. Here are my 2 renderings:

1, Harder (since land must be bought from Brookfield), but better looking alternative

2, Easier, but not as good looking as the last one, alternative

I'm looking forward to hear about other people's ideas and opinions, but please, keep it civil