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Originally Posted by SignalHillHiker View Post
BC to me. Throw in enough of AB to get some prairie scenes and you could reasonably fake every other province in specific landscape shots, with a close enough crop.
BC around the south coast and south interior has the greatest variety of scenery in a comparatively small area and the most dramatic scenery near the cities.

It's very different scenery from the Great Lakes or even the coast of NS though. Both the Fundy coast and Atlantic coast have quite different geology and ecology from, say, Vancouver Island. So it feels like a bit of an apples-and-oranges comparison to me.

Province by province comparisons are also a little strange. PEI is about the size of a typical metropolitan area in Canada, while mainland NS is only a bit bigger than the Lower Mainland of BC. The central part of the Maritimes would fit snugly between Calgary and Edmonton. I used to think of Cape Breton as a far-off and inaccessible place but it's equivalent to a drive from Vancouver to Kelowna. BC is roughly 2x the size of all Atlantic provinces combined, including Labrador. It's about 5x the size of Atlantic Canada minus Labrador.
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