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Originally Posted by Bellinghamgreg View Post
They've talked about building the bi pass between Valleyview and Juniper Ridge for at least 20-25 years - and from the sounds of it they are still talking.
The provincial government is stupid. They decided that the bypass is not needed, and is willing to give up the land set aside for over 30 years and just go with at grade traffic lights through Valleyview. Yes, they are that short sighted.

Originally Posted by 240glt View Post
That trip is on my radar over the next few years. Would make a good overnighter from our cabin near 100 Mile House. I've heard lots about Bella Coola.. a friend of mine owns a commercial fishing vessel based out of Bella Coola and I've been intrigued to go check it out.

How's accommodation out that way ? Seems like there are some options.
It's pretty unpopulated out there, but there's definitely places to stay.

eg. I know these people:
And these people:
And these people:

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