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Originally Posted by Sun Belt View Post
I have yet to meet one person that has said or thinks Los Angeles resembles Detroit.
Detroit's intact bungalow hoods look very similar (although not architecturally, of course) to what you'll find throughout South LA and much of Mid-City, Beverly Grove, and parts of WeHo. They have nice street widths, not unlike Chicago's vast bungalow and flat nabes, only they are set farther back from the sidewalk and have driveways rather than alleyways. This type of development is also something you see in outer Queens.

This is 3.8 miles from the center point of Downtown Detroit along Detroit's premier boulevard: Woodward.

Once you venture off Woodward, the empty lots are abundant. You won't find this in Los Angeles.

This is approximately the same distance in Los Angeles along Wilshire:
This is one thing I forgot to mention in response to DenseCityPlease. I fail to see how Wilshire and Woodward are "fraternal twins" in any way. Woodward eventually transitions into a designated highway and essentially transports you across the entire longitudinal axis of Metro Detroit.

Wilshire is the spine of LA's commercial/cultural core that stretches from Downtown to Santa Monica, north of the 10 and south of the SM Mountains... it's our "Manhattan." Never mind the fact that it has a heavy rail subway running below it that will (eventually) terminate at Wilshire/4th.
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