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Originally Posted by PHX31 View Post
Well, it's just a resemblance, which is what we're talking about. I bet aside from astute urbanists and people on this forum, 99% of the world would never know or imagine it was anywhere else besides in NY. I sure thought nothing of it until a few years ago when it was pointed out in some thread on SSP, and I've been on this site for almost 20 years.

Nothing will ever be exact in 2 different cities unless architectural/building plans are copied and used in two different places.
I think what helped fool audiences is that the tree obscured the stairwell in the shots. I don't think anybody who really knows NYC would have been fooled if the stairwell was more prominent. It's a huge tell.

Also, if they had panned out just a little bit, it would not have looked like NYC at all because of the space between buildings on that city block. It was convincing enough from a particular angle, with the stairwell de-emphasized, but I don't think that the entire streetscape of that block would have fooled people into thinking it was NYC.
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